“This book is red” – “Really?!?”

I just saw this on tumblr

In social issues class today our professor held up a black book and was like “this book is red” and we were all “no” and he said “yes it is” and we were just all “that’s not right” and he turned it around and the back cover was red and he said “Don’t tell somebody they’re wrong until you’ve seen things from their point of view”

I do not know what this anecdote is supposed to illustrate. The children are still right: The book in question is not red. It is, at best, “partly red” or “has a red side”.

In other words: This teacher teaches sloppy thinking. The children were fully justified in contradicting him but he will have intimidated some from speaking out in future.
Way to go…


Are all feminists on tumblr stupid? 11 Examples of missing the point by a mile.

There is a list of pure stupidity here that only warrants inspection because I have a vague feeling that most common or garden feminists would see no contradictions in those points.
So we have to spell them out.

1. You have no problem with the gender wage gap. But you hate having to pay for dates.

There ist no gender wage gap. That’s why its unfair that pying is always up to only one gender.

2. You insist that it’s a scientifically proven fact that men are stronger than women. But you complain about society believing that it’s worse for a man to hit a woman than for a woman to hit a man.

I do believe that it is worse to be stabbed with a knife than getting even a strong slap, yes.
And I do believe that there is something a-kilter when society thinks a woman is free to hit a man as much as she likes while a man deserves harshest punishment if he hits a woman.
Which is the case.
How about: Hitting people is bad no matter which gender the perpetrator?

3. You believe that the age of consent is unfair and that there’s nothing wrong with having sex with teenage girls. But when you find out that a teenage girl enjoys sex, you believe she’s the biggest slut in the world.

Do I?

I thought I believed a girl is a slut when she sleeps around and the age doesn’t enter into it.

4. You hate when a woman automatically assumes that a man is a douchebag before getting to know him. But when you like a woman who likes another man, you assume he’s a douchebag just because he’s not you.

Do I?

No I don’t. I do occasionally think that a woman is interested in a douchebag, when – in fact – he is a douchebag.

5. You believe that if women want equality, they should be drafted into the military. But you also believe that the military is not a place for women.

No, I don’t.
I do believe instead, that women’s complaint to have the short of the stick in society is bollocks and the military killing (practically) only men is a good proof of the bollocksness.

6. You hate when women assume that men are like wild animals. But you believe that a woman who doesn’t cover up and make herself invisible to men is just like someone wearing a meat suit around wild animals.

No, I only hate it when women and most especially feminists are too stupid to know the difference between “some”, “very, very few” and “all”.
As in “Very few men have problems controlling their impulses, making them animal-like in that regard, and people (women too) should be aware of this.” versus “All men are animals”.
The latter is nothing but sexist drivel.

7. You hate the fact that men are bullied for not conforming to their male gender roles. But when you find out that a man disagrees with your beliefs about women’s rights, your immediate response is to try to emasculate him by comparing him to a woman as an insult.

Er… No and No.
I have never seen bullying in my school (despite me being an outsider myself at that time) but I do think that bullying is only part of a social dynamic that is too complicated to be reduced to a simple “I hate bullying”.
And I have never called another man a “pussy” or a “girl”. I have been called something along those lines, though, and didn’t have a problem with it.

8. You hate when women assume that there are no nice guys. But you call yourself a nice guy and act like it’s a rare quality that should cause women to be all over you.

Oh dear, oh dear. How stupid are you?

I hate it when a woman claims that All She Wants is a nice guy… but NOT one of all those nice guys that she knows.
I hate it when women tell insecure men that being nice is the way to getting involved with the girl when this is demonstrably as wrong as you can get.
See the difference?
Probably not. 😦

9. You hate when women assume that men just want to get laid. But when you find out that a man is a feminist, you assume that he’s just doing it to get laid.

This is the one valid point. Assuming that a White Knight or a Pink Poodle has no motivation but getting laid is indeed stupid.

10. You hate when women make generalizations about all men. But when a woman calls you out for being sexist, you claim that all men think like you.

Do I?
No I don’t. And I have never heard anyone use this as an argument.
So what is he talking about?

11. You insist that women should be responsible for protecting themselves from being raped. But when they follow the one piece of advice that actually works, which is being aware of red flags, you complain about them assuming that all men are rapists.

No, I complain about them assuming that all men are rapist when they in fact assume that all men are rapists.
If on the other hand you define “being a man” as a red flag, you are full of … er … unprintable stuff.

My challenge: Does anyone know of a feminist page that actually tries to understand and then address MRM points? Instead of being as brain-dead as the straw men they raise?

Kristen Bell: Who needs logic when she has emotions?

JPEGY links this twitter dialog under the heading “Well Played Kristen Bell”:


Kristen Bell: “Wether their kids are gay/straight, all moms want their children to know love.”

Matthew King: “All moms want grand children. (…) Robbing them of grand babies makes you a thief.”

Kristen Bell: “you dont speak for ALL moms and what a terrible thing to say that women who (…) CANT have babies are thieves. Shame on you”

To summarize: Kristen denies Matthew the right to speak for all moms. Only she is capable to do that (first tweet).
Matthew is obviously talking about people who could have babies but don’t because they live in same sex partnerships. Where does the “who CANT have babies” come from?
And why doesn’t JPEGY even notice that KB talks out of her derriere as much as MK?

And why do I have the feeling that the main task of the internet is to incontrovertibly prove that humanity is stupid with only short bursts of brilliance or creativity?

To improve my mood: not only humans are stupid. That’s a relief.

Feminist accomplishments, I am so proud…

I saw on tumblr a link to this page that praises “23 Inspiring Feminist Digital Campaigns That Changed the World”.

That, of course, made me curious. What is it, that feminists can be proud of?

Lets sort them into categories, shall we…

1. Ruining the career of or financially harming a man who said something the femosphere does not agree with.
1. Lululemon’s chairman stepped down
3. Reebok to drop Rick Ross
6. kicked Ken Cuccinelli’s butt
9. Rush Limbaugh lost a lot of cash

2. Ordinary Lobbying and Bullying
4. [get] iTunes to get rid of this really creepy app
8. Go Daddy stopped [advertising to their target-market]
10. Wendy Davis’ pro-choice fillibuster
11. Susan G. Komen reversed its decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood
17. BareMinerals stopped using [original ideas] to sell products
19. An ethics committee examined a judge [for not sticking to the law]
22. The ACLU is marrying five gay couples in states where same-sex marriage is illegal (see 19.)

3. Promotion of Censorship
18. Facebook was forced to take rape seriously
21. At the request of feminist activists, Twitter brought back the block button

12. Disney pulled t-shirts that assumed girls can’t be heroes
14. Harrods’ pulled sexist children’s books telling boys how to be “clever” and girls how to be “gorgeous”
16. Amazon stopped selling t-shirts

4. Advancing female-only interests and ignoring everyone else’s.
2. ‘SNL’ (finally) hired an African-American woman
7. A crowd-sourcing map now tracks sexual assaults in Syria
13. The president addressed the epidemic of sexual assaults on campuses
23. UN women revealed the alarming rate of sexism left in the world

5. er … so what?
5. GoldieBlox aired one of the first feminist ads in Super Bowl history
15. England’s 10£ note now features feminist hero Jane Austen
20. The fearless women behind Idle No More got indigenous issues on the map


These actions surely and truly will make the world a better place.
For some.
Probably not.

I am so proud.

Feminism in times of anarchy

OK, not full anarchy. It still gives you an impression, though.

In Philadelphia some robbers target women and their handbags.

A woman is quoted:

Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?


Men are failing us. I feel as though we are not being protected.

I wonder if these “men” are the same that she needs as much as a fish needs a bicycle, the ones whose relevance in society is vanishing, the ones whose problems, if discussed, are considered garbage.

A ‘political consultant’ is quoted:

When women get pissed, they get things done.

You know what it is that they get done?

urging them to gather with her at 9 a.m. Saturday (…) to call on city officials and also on their communities to protect them

The thing they get done is to nag.

The female contribution to civilization: nagging.

The same ‘political consultant’:

He pointed out that the old code of the streets, that thieves don’t hurt women and children, is no longer honored.

“This new generation, they don’t have a clue,” Glenn said disgustedly.

Don’t these thugs understand the word “Equality”? It means, that it is sort of OK to kill men, but not women!

And Thursday, a man was shot chasing men who snatched his girlfriend’s purse.

The Knight in Shining armour survived. Good for him. I wonder if he’ll try to re-polish it.

More #ineedfeminism nonsense

I came across this site today while wondering if my post yesterday was exhaustive enough…

I feel like some snarky comments, forgive me.

Isn’t that exactly the strategy of feminists?

Why? I still haven’t heard a single valid reason.

What a pity it doesn’t teach grammar. “it defines myself” -.-
At least this is believable. What else could there possibly be to give any definition to these … ahem .. personalities?

Why do I have the feeling she is one of those who don’t tip when the pizza is 5 minutes late?

Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.

What does feminism have that Kant doesn’t have?

Feminism is really up there correcting our priorities.

Anarchy!! Wheeee. Lovely. Why aren’t catcallers allowed to behave however the hell they want?
What? It’s more complicated than you thought? Well, I’ll never.

It isn’t.
Unless you try to participate in the pissing-your-name-in-the-snow competition.
Or are you saying that feminism has the power to abolish all profiling and pre-judgement according to group? I wonder when they’ll start.

Dogs, mice and birds. Tell them that.

Yes, you are. Not as pretty, but just as awesome. The amount of awe: tiny.

By that logic, wouldn’t women need the MRM to become fully human?

Indeed. Ridiculous. They could instead start arguing about men’s reproductive rights. Which don’t exist. As opposed to women’s. Who have extensive reproductive rights. Equality! Feminism’s watchword.

Lefty: There is no rape-culture. SUCCESS. You can stop supporting feminism.

Righty: What did you actually do to “deserve” that?

No, they earn more.

Awwww. An honest one. Not equality or some such bullshit. Just your common or garden egoist. If she needs feminism to get a job her qualifications can’t be that good…

Wait… Women have a clitoris … because of feminism?!? I didn’t know that.

Why not? That’s the normal way expectations work. When almost all members of a group proclaim that they hate doing x the rare member of that group who enjoys doing x and is good in it will surprise people.

Feminism will change the way minds work? Awesome. How will it do that?

Does feminism provide the best psychotherapists? My brain hurts.

How will feminism ever fulfill all those expectations?

Occasionally I prefer reading through the “I need feminism” tag on thumblr to doing actual work. So, too, today.

With most statements I wonder: “How is feminism going to achieve that?”

I see two solutions:
– enforce a quota among female authors that no more than, say, 15% of their books are allowed to be on topics that don’t interest boys.
– force boys to read books they don’t give a shit about.

Feminism, a force for a better world, I can see that 🙂


i need feminism because all the media seems to be covering is the fact that taylor swift said “fuck”, and that miley cyrus’s performance was “trashy”. meanwhile, robin thicke, a married father, ground up against miley onstage, and everyone finds it a okay because he’s a man.

Ah, the famous double standard. It is easy for women to get sex. It is hard for men to get sex. It is hard for a woman to get commitment. If sex is scarce, it is one thing she can barter with.
Soooo, what will feminism do to change this situation?
They could try to change women so they don’t want commitment. Good luck with that.
They could try to change men to give commitment without getting anything special in return. That is work-in-action and increasingly failing. So it won’t work before women are convinced enough of its success that stop slutshaming.
They could convince ALL women to give away sex so freely that ALL men get all the sex they want. Bonobo society. Sex is not constrained to relationships and everyone has it with everyone else. Thus relationships would form for entirely different reasons, like people enjoying to talk to each other. Not very many relationships, but you can’t have everything 😉


People don’t know the difference between feminism and misandry

Not all, but many feminists have misandric convictions. Having more of them will convince men that misandry ain’t real?
Is is that supposed to work?


or, to paint the entire picture:


This is a tricky one.
What will feminism do?
Find a way to abolish guilt? No matter what you do, you won’t feel guilty?
Establish at last the ultimate moral canon so that it becomes completely unambiguous what you should be ashamed about and what not? AFAIC that is what some feminists are trying. Quite a simple canon, too: What females do is OK, always. What males do is only OK if a female directly benefits from it. So far no one is adopting these simple rules. I wonder how feminism will force people to do so.
Or… will feminism teach women to take responsibility for their actions and own their feelings? Will feminism educate her that, if she actually feels guilty, at least part of her thinks she did something wrong, too? So, if she doesn’t want to feel guilty she shouldn’t do something she isn’t OK with?
Or will feminism teach her to grow a spine so that she is emotionally capable to defend her own values against those of others?

I don’t think that is the idea of the girl behind the paper.


Oh good, this one is easy. Feminism will see to it that being an annoying bitch is the norm. Then people won’t notice it anymore. And she will be able to express her o p i n i o n s without anyone seeing any difference to all the other women.


The first part is really difficult. How will feminism change the biological hardwiring of what people find sexually atttractive?
Ah, my mistake. She is talking about “beautiful” which is not necessarily the same thing.
But what is considered “beautiful” even though it is not according to nature’s rules (like Youth, the Golden Ratio or Safety/Home)?
Perhaps scarcity helps? So, feminism will make all women always present themselves perfectly made up so that a rare picture of a not-made-up girl will get attention?

I don’t think that would work.

Oh, this is hard.

Given the second part of her sign she seems to say: “I don’t make up because I don’t give a shit about men. And even if I do make up that does not mean that I give more of a shit than before.”
And the complaint apparently is, that men (people?) do not enthusiastically approve not being given a shit about.

Ah, I see. Feminism will brainwash people to like it when someone farts in their general direction. Oh, Utopia 🙂

Will this work both ways?
Oh, the other direction already works.
What do you know…


… My self-worth should NOT be based on my weight, my desirability or my number of sexual partners and society needs to stop telling me it is!

An easy one for a change. Feminism simply needs to explain to her that her self-worth does indeed not need to be based on any of those things. Her worth to others on the other hand may well be.
And that is in fact what society is telling her. Self-worth ≠ worth to others. Simple. Even a young feminist might understand that if older feminists explain it in short words 🙂


Women fear that I’ll hurt them “just because” I’m a man

Oh dear, oh dear, this might be hopeless.
It was feminism who convinced women that you will hurt them just because you’re a man. Women never believed that before feminism.


Tricky. It is dangerous for everyone to travel alone. The dangers for women are slightly different than the dangers for men and feminism makes a biiIIIiigg bruhaha out of the dangers for women.
Also feminism is the mother of the conviction “I should be able to…”
So a feminist may really believe that it is OK to walk half naked through the streets of Kathmandu where any western women has the reputation of a slut anyway.

So, you think an ideology that inflates the assumption of danger you are actually in and actively works on increasing the danger you are in fact in, will help you because… ?


Oh, that’ll be the day…

If feminism ever achieves that I’d be all for it… No sign of it so far.

Equality – All the benefits of men, and then some more

Hearing a feminist speak

‘Can I tell you something that really p––––– me off? It’s that a lot of guys are still uncomfortable with the notion of female equality and the fact that many women have now risen up’

And then she goes on to explain that most of her career is based on the fact that women are treated better than men.
The money quote of the article actually is: ‘In my job, it’s just like being a man – but better’

Equality in the mind of this feminist is: Men giving up all their privileges while women giving up none of theirs.
This is not new at all and still very very stupid.

“Why I need feminism” … really?

I have wondered for years why people adopt ideologies. What is the charm, the motivation?
This is a new attempt of mine to get to grips with it, by taking a look at the reasons people give for their ideology on http://whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com.


I need feminism because my voice as a survivor should be empowered not silenced”

What she wants: “I want my story to be heard”


What she ignores: Her story may well destroy the life of another person. Nobody except her knows if her story is a lie. Too many people lie about stories like hers. It is not a good idea to destroy a person’s life over something that is not true. Nobody but her knows if her story is true. Everyone else needs to be careful.

What other people think

I need feminism so I can get tattoos in places that are considered ‘for tramps.’ Like my hips, breasts, and lower back. My body should be mine to ink as I please.”

What she wants: “I want to do whatever I want (as long as it does not harm others)”

What she ignores: Her body is hers to ink as she pleases. Nobody is preventing her.
On the other hand it is everyone else’s freedom to think what they want. It is not her right to prescribe reactions.

What she probably means: “Do not judge me negatively”

What she ignores: Chosen surfaces are important. When you get tattoos you tell something to the world. That something may be misunderstood and possibly will be disapproved by some.
Free speech comes with free disagreement. There is no other way.


I need feminism because, upon telling people my career plans and that I specialise in felinology, I have been told that I shouldn’t be doing a zoology degree if all I plan to do with it is become a ‘crazy cat lady’. I find it insulting that people feel they can overlook everything I have just said and reduce my worth and passion in my chosen career to an archaic female stereotype.”

What she wants: a) “I don’t want others to make fun of me, even when I am saying something unusual.” or b) “I want female stereotypes to vanish.” or c) “I want a world in which I can get by without a sense of humour.”

Probably a mixture of all three.

What she ignores:
If the reported reaction was indeed not a joke, the other person was an idiot. I do not know how she wants to rid the world of idiots. Euthanasia, perhaps?
If, on the other hand, it was a joke, her entire hopes lies with c). She’s backing the right horse, there. Feminism is working hard to rid the world of humour.
If it is b) the joke question doesn’t enter into it. The open question is if the human mind can actually work without stereotypes.


I need feminism because when I confronted a guy that shamed me for rejecting him, he was praised by both genders, while I was called names and a drama starter.”

Difficult to say, having only her side of the story…

What she wants: “I am never wrong, I never overreact, so I want people to be always on my side.”

What she ignores: Was that really what happened?


I need feminism because when I went to the pharmacy alone to get a pregnancy test, the lady asked me where the baby’s father was. I should not have to feel ashamed to buy a pregnancy test. Ever. ”

What she wants: “Nobody is allowed to give me the impression I was doing something wrong that has to do with sexuality.”

What she ignores: The father of a child is important, indeed. And if having that pointed out shames you, maybe part of you thinks so, too.


I need feminism because I am plus sized and want to be seen as a beautiful individual in the ‘eyes’ of our society!”

What she wants: “I want society to change so I don’t have to.”

What she ignores: Most of the biology of attraction.


I need feminism because… I want to be complimented on my work ETHIC, not my work ATTIRE”

What she ignores: People, women too, are mostly complimented on what is remarkable about them. Maybe her attire is more remarkable than her ethic? Who am I to know.

Gender roles

I need FEMINISM because when I was 7 years old I wanted to go play outside with my shirt off like the boys were doing, but I was stopped because “THAT ISN’T WHAT GIRLS DO”. I didn’t look any different to them at that age…”

What she wants: either a) “Stop treating female sexuality different than male sexuality.” or b) “Stop treating children as if they had a sexuality.”

Since I don’t see what b) has to do with feminism, I’ll assume a)

What she ignores: Heterosexual (i.e. most) men and women DO have quite different sexualities and ways to react to the bodies of the opposite gender. There is plenty of evidence that this is not learned but biologically given.
People who do not learn about these differences or learn too late, run a risk of getting hurt or hurting others.


I need feminism because my friend’s daughter is being called a slut for “having too many boyfriends” throughout the year. SHE’S 11.”

Same as above.


I need feminism because the first time I met my friend’s parents, I was SURPRISED and CONFUSED that her dad stayed at home and her mom is an executive with a six-figure salary.
I was raised in a relatively traditional family—dad works, mom stays at home (though she has a job teaching now)—but this shouldn’t be startling to anyone.”

What she wants: a) “I want things that rarely happen to stop being surprising” or b) “I want that at least every third woman likes to work hard full time (at least 40 hours) on her job and is attracted to a man who runs the home”

Again, only b) has anything to do with feminism.

What she ignores: Working full time to feed your family that you do not see very much because you are working is quite hard. Why would at least every third woman want to do that?

What she hopes for: When women work full time, that means working about 32 hours a week and still earning enough for four.

What she ignores: This is quite unrealistic.


I need feminism because I shouldn’t be told by a six year old that I act like a boy because I don’t like wearing dresses or skirts.”

Same as the tattoo-girl, really.

What she ignores: Acting like a boy is a good thing. 🙂


I need feminism because my gender identity and my gender expression are mine and no one else’s. So no one should be able to say that I am a man if I don’t want them to. I am neither a man, nor a woman, and I don’t care about gender roles!”

What it ignores: How are others to know that it has decided to have no gender? Should we abandon the words “man”, “woman”, “he”, “she” that almost all people identify with just so some small minority has to perform slightly less mental arithmetic?

Bad influences

I need feminism because a local online shop run by a girl sells “Cool Story, Babe” sweaters and hoodies for girls. ”

What she wants: “I want to censor what others are allowed to do.”

What she ignores: Free speech and free thought is good. Censorship isn’t. Even if that means that some people do or say stuff that you do not approve of.


I’m bored now

All of these have a terribly naive view of the world, see no connections but only their own small gripes.
And somehow The Chosen One or Religion or Ideology X will solve all their problems for them so they don’t have to themselves.

But then: Anyone willing to hold up a sign “why I need ..” to the internet would also be willing to have her picture taken with a monkey on one arm and an oversized cheque in the other.
And that says a lot…

“Someone stole my picture and made fun of me”

Kelly Martin Broderick is a feminist.

Apparently she wants the world to know that, so she uses (used?) a picture of herself holding a sign with the old meme “This is what a feminist looks like” in tons of places, OKCupid and Facebook among others.

Now, she does look like one of the perhaps half a dozen clichés of what a feminist looks like, so someone wrote “That’s pretty much what I expected.” on the pic and posted it on some Facebook page.


Now, why are feminists aghast about this and call the poster a “horrible person” and worse?

Imagine a similar scenario:


Can you even imagine the Italians raising a shitstorm about this?

I smell incongruousness.

When I have a picture of myself holding a sign “This is what X looks like” and I post it all over the Internet, apparently I am proud of being associated with X, right?

K.M.Broderick actually says so, that she is proud to be feminist and show to the world that this is what a feminist looks like.

And then along comes someone and says to her “Yea, that’s about right. It figures. I am not surprised that a feminist looks like you.”

Consider these:

“I look like a feminist” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation.”
“A feminist might look like me” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation.”
“I am about 5 foot 2” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation.”
“I am really into Yoga” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I won the 110 Meter Hurdles at the last Olympic Games” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I am a Computer Nerd.” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I drive a BMW.” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I wrote my first iPhone App when I was 12” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“My favourite food is Hamburgers” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I love my cat” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”
“I like to fart in bed” – “Yes, I am not surprised by that revelation”

Do you see the difference?

If X really is a good thing and you are proud to indentify with it, there is no way whatsoever that you can be insulted by someone saying “Yes, you look like X”.

If on the other hand I am offended, something is not right.

I am rather fond of the Test by Ridicule, commonly attributed to Lord Shaftesbury. (Apparently it was more an idea tossed around by philosophers in the 18th century)

In short it says that a statement or an idea that is True can stand any amount of ridicule that you choose to heap upon it.
If an idea or a claim collapses under the first jest you direct at it, it never had much value in the first place.

In this case: Broderick claims to be proud to associate her looks with feminism and vice versa. Someone takes that claim and pokes some fun at it and immediately the feminist mainstream collapses in taken offense.

Seems the claim was not so honest in the beginning.

But whence the offense?

If feminists truly find Broderick beautiful (as they all claim), the joker in effect said: “I expected feminists to be beautiful”.
If feminists truly find that Broderick looks like someone who has her shit together, the joker in effect said “I expected feminists to look like they got their shit together.”

See what I mean? If everything in the picture is A-OK, then the joker simply said: “I expected you to look A-OK”

There are only two ways that “That’s pretty much what I expected” can be an insult.

Either (a) the term “feminist” itself is an insult so that it makes a difference if I say it about myself or someone else says it about me.
E.g. “I am such a wanker sometimes.” is quite a different thing than “Hey, look at that wanker over there!”

Or (b) Broderick herself looks like someone the mainstream feminists would prefer not to be associated with. So that the complaint actually is that the joker said that all feminists look like e.g. sad old land whales.
(Which is definitely not to mean that K.M.B. looks like that, it is just an example. Like the one with the wanker)

My five cents:
The meme “This is what a feminist looks like” only makes sense when the look shown is not the same as the look often associated with “feminist”.
In the 80s and 90s it was a common put down that feminists all were bitter ugly lesbians. Thus it was an effective counter argument when attractive women started to openly associate with feminism. It demonstrated quite clearly that the put down was simply false.
It fell out of common use quite quickly.

Today the meme is of little use. There is no argument. K.M.B. herself claims that “This is what a feminist looks like” is to show that feminists come in all shapes and sizes.
There is no argument about this!
It makes no sense.
That is why I am confused by K.M.B.’s “answer” – her tumblr that tries to put new life into the “looks like” thing.

There are plenty of expected images there

Also a few less expected ones.

PS. Feminism is about respect by the way. I feel soooo respected…