List of people bullied and badgered, pressured and purged for speaking their mind

Mind you, some dedicated assholes on that list, but still…
I’d prefer less censorship, even for dickheads.


Disturbing video. Watch if you think men can’t be raped

Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious | Toy Soldiers.

Another example for “feminism ruins everything”: Linux

Life in the OpenSource world before and after feminism, as seem by a female:
Girls and Software | Linux Journal.

Most of all, I’m disappointed. I had a haven, a place where no one cared what I looked like, what my body was like or about any ephemera—they cared about what I could do—and this culture shift has robbed me of my haven. At least I had that haven. The girls who follow me missed out on it.

I remember in those early days, in my haven, if someone was rude or tried to bully me, the people around me would pounce with a resounding “How dare you be mean to someone we like!” Now, if a man behaves badly, we’re bogged down with a much more complex thought process: “Did this happen because she’s a woman?” “Am I white knighting if I step in?” “Am I a misogynist if I don’t?” “What does this say about women in technology?” “Do I really want to be part of another gender politics mess?” It was so much simpler when we didn’t analyze so much, and just trounced on mean people for being mean.

Film about the woman who wanted to know what it’s like to be a man

▶ Self Made Man: Norah Vincent chooses Female Privilege over Male Privilege – YouTube.

Final words in the film:

I like it (being a woman) more now because I think it’s a privilege.

The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics.

10 rules of relationship game

I think these are rather good advice…

Vox’s Marriage Advice.

Who cares about men?

No one

The rape of men | Society | The Observer.

How feminism hurts almost everyone

Male abuse victims marginalised | Herald Scotland.

What would it take to get girls to want to do that?

This is an amazing demonstration:

These machines have been built by six guys and their prof.

Of course they are male.

Feminists would claim the reason for this is that girls are discouraged or even actively hindered to achieve something like this.

Let’s for the sake of argument assume that on a level needed for a project like this you could in theory find as many girls as boys with the needed mathematical, physical and logical capabilities.

But is this, the number of people with the theoretical capability, all there is to it?

Consider this: These guys spent hundreds, more likely thousands of hours to build and perfect something with no immediately apparent use.
It’s just cool.

To achieve brilliance in science and technology you do not only need mental capability. You also need attitude. The attitude that lets you waste zillions of hours on something just because it’s cool.
And occasionally you hit gold.

How many girls do you, personally, know who are willing to do that? Who are not bored very soon by this kind of useless plaything?
I, personally, do not know a single one. Plenty of boys. Not one girl.

This kind of play begins very early. It begins with the first piece of Lego you put on top of another. It doesn’t need expensive grants or a lot of encouragement to develop. No girl is actively hindered to play with Lego. It just needs the attitude to prefer building things to interacting with people.

Find a way to let girls appreciate the beauty of tinkering (instead of socialising) and you’ll have gender-parity in the sciences in about two generations.

Everything else, every political scheme to get equal outcome, is wasted effort.

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