Misandry doesn’t exist, Episode 431

If you ever wondered how the average non-gender-conscious-or-suffering person notices the effects of feminism, have a look at this.

Obnoxiousness works. If for the Good is an entirely different question.


Did you ever wonder why a growing number of people hate feminism?

Maybe, just maybe, because there are quite a lot of feminists who talk like this:

Mothers who breastfeed boy babies need to stop. We need to empower more females in this world and by breastfeeding them we are giving them a good start in life which they deserve over a baby boy [sic] which are already physically stronger than baby girls. I have feminist views and I am not ashamed to admit that. No baby boy will ever be fed from my breasts if I am unfortunate enough to have a son. Formula for him and circumcision to take away sexual pleasure from him when he grows up.

No matter how bad boys have it, girls somehow have it a lot worse

ILO published a report on child labour. On page 21 you find this rhetorical same-same:

Hazardous work by sex
For the 5-17 years age group as a whole, boys account for nearly two-thirds of all children in hazardous work. This pattern, however, is again driven entirely by older children in the 15-17 years age group, in which boys account for 81 per cent of all children in hazardous work (and in child labour). Among younger children, the gender pattern is in fact the opposite: the number of girls in hazardous work is greater than that of boys, and by a considerable margin. For 5-11 yearolds, girls account for 58 per cent of all children in hazardous work, outnumbering boys by 2.8 million. For 12-14 year-olds, girls account for 56 per cent of all children in hazardous work and outnumber boys by 2.3 million. It is also worth recalling again that hazardous household chores, which are likely predominantly performed by girls, are not reflected in these figures.

In other words: 15% difference in total and 31% difference in one age group, yeah, yeah, OK, that’s not good, but want to see something REALLY bad? Here: 6% in that age group and here: 8% (EIGHT percent) in that age group!! That’s bad!
And if that’s not bad enough, there are some other unkown things that are pretty bad as well.


The distribution over age is as follows:

Children aged 15-17 years account for 55 per cent (47.5 million) of all children in hazardous work, while 12-14 year-olds account for 23 per cent (19.3 million) and 5-11 year-olds account for 22 per cent (18.5 million).

The definition of “hazardous” is rather vague:

(d) work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety or morals of children.


(3) In determining the types of work referred to under Article 3(d) of the Convention, and in identifying where they exist, consideration should be given, inter alia, to:
(a) work which exposes children to physical, psychological or sexual abuse;
(b) work underground, under water, at dangerous heights or in confined spaces;
(c) work with dangerous machinery, equipment and tools, or which involves the manual handling or transport of heavy loads;
(d) work in an unhealthy environment which may, for example, expose children to hazardous substances, agents or processes, or to temperatures, noise levels, or vibrations damaging to their health;
(e) work under particularly difficult conditions such as work for long hours or during the night or work where the child is unreasonably confined to the premises of the employer.

My guess is that most girls fall under the 3a/3 kind of abuse.

I think it is futile to argue if prostitution is worse than having your leg chopped off. Both are bad. But when you open the gender-driven “girls have it still worse than boys” can of worms I for one would be interested in the details leading to that conclusion.

As we have seen in the CDC report it is quite easy to reach the verdict “men don’t suffer from x” when you define x as “something only happening to women”.

Some people do not hear what they themselves are saying

A few quotes from a tumblr

I like them especially under the perspective of the very first quoted sentence.

I’m a vegan and obviously anti-war/genocide/all that bad stuff, but honestly if the law and court system and society don’t give a fuck about mine and my sisters rapists I don’t give a fuck about the law against killing them.

are any of you genuinely attracted to dicks? not men as a whole, and not having sex with men, but like just the dick. idk they’re gross and weird and I only touch it for his benefit.

especially when flaccid like no gross what are you doing there.

On that same note, Nigel Peterson if you so much as LOOK at Beatrice ever again I will fucking strangle you where you stand.

A bullet for every rape accomplice, as well.

look it’s not like i’m saying all men should be slaughtered

if you want to kill yourself before the culling begins that’s perfectly fine too

I feel like breaking up with my boyfriend right now because men are fucking disgusting.

You know, this is how a good and morally superiour person talks and thinks. And yes, I know, “superior” is a comparative, so there should be something “superior to what?”, here.
But I think in her case it’s just general superiourness.

My favourite quote, though, is this:

Ugh I want to do hot things with all the attractive men I see but then I hate men because rape culture and abuse culture
And it really sucks …

You make your own hell.
Life, sometimes, is fair.

Misandry in action #4

I dare you to find a picture with the gender roles reversed: with the woman behaving incredibly stupid and endangering everyone.

Arguments and examples against a police state

Whenever anyone argues for more controls and more laws and that state/police should take on responsibilities that are originally rested in the hands of the individual, they should be reminded of cases like this.

How the fruits of feminism ruin lives…

How creepy can you get?

I bet there are girls* out there who would find him creepy.
Remember: earlier in the film we see that at the wedding he filmed _only_ the girl and no-one else. How creepy.

See also this.

* Only girls use that word. Women don’t, practically by definition.

Misandry in action 3

Disclaimer: I absolutely love F-Minus. The naive drawing style is in stark contrast to the amazing creativity of the ideas.
But can you imagine this with inversed sex-roles?
“Susan, meet Yvonne. We’re interviewing her to replace you in our circle of friends.”

Belief in the Devil

I just read this:

Mass movements may well start and flourish without a belief in God. But never without a belief in the Devil.


These are more or less arbitrary hits on the first Google page of “men are evil”.

oppression? ranting a little

After following a link to the Unknown History of Misandry today I have a pessimistic turn.
Things won’t get better.
Feminism won’t go away.
There are not enough red pills in the world to make MRM’s voice loud enough.

It was difficult enough to overcome McCarthy. And he was basically only one idiot bloke that exploited a fear based in U.S. culture. Feminism hooks into a genetically based fear, the fear of human male for his female.

It’s an automatic response:
“A female is threatened.” – “Oh, we better do something about it then”
Thoughts like “Really? How? Are you sure? Isn’t she just a bit hysterical?” come later or not at all for your average male.

Unknown History of Misandry documents that the problems MRM is concerned about are not new to the last 30 years but reach back at least as far as the suffrage movement.

Unfair custody, believed false allegations, all the rackets of today are a hundred years old and men are no nearer in overcoming them. If anything, we are farther away.

Because a hundred years ago it was only the case of some women knowing how to play man’s protective instincts. As soon as judge and/or jury was female their spiel collapsed.

Judge Rhea M Whitehead is quoted (1921):

A husband is going to get a square deal in my court. Too many men are convicted on sobby tales of wives

These days are gone. Today it is a rare woman that wasn’t indoctrinated with (or has overcome) the tale of the violent man and the innocent girl.

So what to do?

Recognize our own stupidity and keep working for a fairer world. What else?

And hope that this time the world’s way to deal with unstable societies (collapse, destroy, restart) can be averted.