“What he said”: About Tilly Masterton

In Goldfinger, after seeing that Tilly Masterton fancies Pussy Galore.
“Women are rather good at things that needed finesse. Instinct told them what to do. Bond was not to worry about her. She would be alright.
Bond came to the conclusion that Tilly Masterton was one of those girls whose hormones had gotten mixed up. He knew the type well and thought they and their male counterparts where a direct consequence of giving votes to women and sex equality.
As a result of 50 years of emancipation feminine qualities were dying out. Or being transferred to the males. Pansies of both sexes were everywhere. Not yet completely homosexual but confused. Not knowing what they were. The result were a herd of unhappy sexual misfits, barren and full of frustrations. The women wanted to dominate and the men to be nannied.
He was sorry for them but he had no time for them.”


“What he said”: M in Dr. No

How “Dr. No” (James Bond) starts: Some poor oppressed old women force the Secret Service to do something about endangered bilrds.

“See what I mean, 007?
Just the sort of mare’s nest these Old Women’s Societies are always stirring up. Preserving something. Churches. Old houses. Birds…
There is always a Hullabaloo of some sort. The problem is, these sort of people get really worked up about their damned birds or whatever it is. They get politicians involved and they always seem to have stacks of money. God knows where it comes from. Other old women, I suppose.
And then there comes the point when someone has to do something to keep them quiet. Like this case. It gets shunted off to me because that place is British Territory. At the same time it is private land. So what am I supposed to do? Send a submarine?”