How does Homeopathy work?

And now for something completely different…

How does Homeopathy work?


A Report on Women in Drugs from 1992

Choice Quote:

All the experts indignantly dismiss biological conjectures purporting to explain why males seem more violent than females. “Then why are the Nuzwangdees of Guyana — or is it the Wangduzees of New Guinea? Well, anyway, I heard there’s some tribe somewhere where more women than men are into GrecoRoman wrestling, or is it Australian football?” retorts Dr. Womyndaughter.
Media stereotypes victimize men as well. “Tragically, male dealers internalize the media’s image of them,” muses Dr. Spode. “The one man I talked to while preparing our report was hyper-masculine: aggressive, dominating, reckless, ruthless, muscular … and, yet, strangely intriguing.”

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What’s the name of this brand of feminism?


Sorry, could not find the original source 😦

How men oppress women, ep. 731


Privilege-Checking in action

If ever I have far too much time I should assemble a dictionary of offensive words. So that the PC-brigade just has to hold their tongue because there is nothing left they are allowed to say.

Refusing gender-roles in action

This should be every feminist’s favourite comic-strip:

I wonder if it is…

weird image of a rationalization hamster


What force makes that hamster go counterclockwise?

Is this a blunder or of some symbolic intention?

A fine comic regarding political correctness

Wiley Miller hits the nail on the head:

Someone asking for Olaf.
And in compliance with the Anti-Profiling Clause of the Hypersensitive Appeasement Act, I have to ask…
Which one of you is Olaf?

(To get the entire joke, click here)

“stop oppressing us”

Something I found on tumblr:

stop oppressing us

Who’s responsible for not living in grass huts?

If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.

Camille Paglia

While there is a lot of truth to this, today’s non sequitur strikes me as true as well.

Nagging. One of civilizations most important inventions and women’s great contribution