Back when I started studying Computer Science a Prof mentioned a tool called yacc, which is an acronym for Yet Another Compiler Compiler and was used because there already existed a LOT of compiler compilers when yacc was written.

I found the logic behind calling something yaxx when it is indeed Yet Another … immensely plausible and have hijacked the idea repeatedly.

But why yet another blog? Isn’t the blogosphere cluttered enough? Well, luckily the word “The internet is not big enough for all of us” is nonsense due to the net’s virtual nature. In other words: Why not?

And for those that are more fond of positive answers: Heinrich Heine once said “How can I know what I am thinking unless I read what I wrote?”

That is good enough for me. And if anyone else should be interested in my jotting down my thoughts and comments then the whole undertaking would be even more gratifying. Wouldn’t it? Yes, it would.

And what is the “cv” in “yacv”? “v” is for voice. And “c”… critical? common? cocky? crystalclear? cyber? cancerous? contrived? creative? cleese-iastic?

You be the judge.

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