wicked college humour

found this on tumbler:

For a microcontroller project at college where we had lots of freedom I made an interactive robot.
I called it “female robot”.

It can read RFID, recognize if and how it’s moved and play sound/voice and you can vocally respond to it with numbers and yes/no.

To interact with it you need to wear an RFID tag that identifies you.
In it’‚ default setting the robot rolls around on the floor and says things like:
“I want to have fun tonight”
“Let’s get some drinks.”
“Wanna go to a bar?”
“Let’s go clubbing!”

If you start an interaction by moving in with an RFID tag there are several possible responses:
It it’s an RFID with a high attractiveness and monetary value the robot wants to be touched by you and carried around. There is lots of fun interaction. It can even demand to be thrown up in the air.

If you have an RFID with a low attractiveness value it demands you to stay away from it, if you don’t and keep interacting with the robot it gets more and more agitated until it starts shouting that it’s getting raped. (…)

RFID tags contain a money value as well. The more you interact, the faster it drains. If it reaches zero the robot too considers you no longer attractice and says things like: “Well, that was fun, but all good things come to an end.” or “You never buy me things and that’s why I will leave you.”

I am now suspended from college.

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