Stories about relationships with partners who should be in therapy

erzaehlmirnix has a comic out today that shows how prejudices can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

This is quite obvious and true.

So why would I feel the need to comment?

Because her example is a borderline woman whose life is getting harder when people know about her borderline disorder.

This is undoubtably true. Any disorder sucks. Borderline is bound to suck big time. And it sucks even more when people treat you differently because they have some expectation as to what borderline means.
This is all understood.

On the other hand…

Go and read some stories of men who didn’t have prejudices against borderline and how their naive “love conquers all” attitude fucked their life up.

If you have to choose between the pre-judgment “I love this woman, she would never harm me.” and the pre-judgment “Borderline Disorder can become really dangerous. I should be on my guard when I have to do with her.” I would recommend the latter every time.

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