“There is NOTHING holding a woman back to become an Indie-Game developer” or Why feminism works

This is a female indie-game developer giving her 5 cent on Sarkeesian’s “tropes vs women”.

The video shows both: Why feminism sucks and why feminism works and has many followers.
In a nutshell: She – at first – found herself agreeing with Sarkeesian, because she recognized and acknowledged the described symptoms.
It took the ton of negative feedback that was heaped upon Sarkeesian to make her reflect if there was anything about “tropes vs women” that deserved criticism. And she found that practically all of Sarkeesian’s conclusions and accusations were for the trash.

And I think you can generalize that…

Women hear feminists describe situations:
– You have a lower paying job than most males you know
– You have to deal with sexual aggressiveness in a way that males don’t
(or alternatively for the ugly ones:)
– You are not appreciated as much as you’d like because of your looks.
– You have to find a compromise that males don’t in finding a balance between children and career

…and find these are all true.

I agree.

These are all situations that a man won’t be confronted with, at least not in the same way a woman is.

The problem is: Most women won’t do the next step, the step this game developer takes in her video.
“OK, feminism describes the status quo accurately as far as I am concerned. What about their theory how the status quo came to be? Does that hold water? Are their conclusions and accusations valid?”

My guess is that the cognitive process of practically all women who sympathise with feminism stopped at “as far as I am concerned”. (Which says a lot on its own 😉 )

Apparently it takes a “male” mind to question something that started out right.
A “female” mind apparently is satisfied with things that appear to be true. Or that feel true.

The difference between Truth and Truthiness.

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     /  April 10, 2014



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