weird image of a rationalization hamster


What force makes that hamster go counterclockwise?

Is this a blunder or of some symbolic intention?


Disturbing video. Watch if you think men can’t be raped

Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious | Toy Soldiers.

A fine comic regarding political correctness

Wiley Miller hits the nail on the head:

Someone asking for Olaf.
And in compliance with the Anti-Profiling Clause of the Hypersensitive Appeasement Act, I have to ask…
Which one of you is Olaf?

(To get the entire joke, click here)

Kristen Bell: Who needs logic when she has emotions?

JPEGY links this twitter dialog under the heading “Well Played Kristen Bell”:


Kristen Bell: “Wether their kids are gay/straight, all moms want their children to know love.”

Matthew King: “All moms want grand children. (…) Robbing them of grand babies makes you a thief.”

Kristen Bell: “you dont speak for ALL moms and what a terrible thing to say that women who (…) CANT have babies are thieves. Shame on you”

To summarize: Kristen denies Matthew the right to speak for all moms. Only she is capable to do that (first tweet).
Matthew is obviously talking about people who could have babies but don’t because they live in same sex partnerships. Where does the “who CANT have babies” come from?
And why doesn’t JPEGY even notice that KB talks out of her derriere as much as MK?

And why do I have the feeling that the main task of the internet is to incontrovertibly prove that humanity is stupid with only short bursts of brilliance or creativity?

To improve my mood: not only humans are stupid. That’s a relief.