More #ineedfeminism nonsense

I came across this site today while wondering if my post yesterday was exhaustive enough…

I feel like some snarky comments, forgive me.

Isn’t that exactly the strategy of feminists?

Why? I still haven’t heard a single valid reason.

What a pity it doesn’t teach grammar. “it defines myself” -.-
At least this is believable. What else could there possibly be to give any definition to these … ahem .. personalities?

Why do I have the feeling she is one of those who don’t tip when the pizza is 5 minutes late?

Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.

What does feminism have that Kant doesn’t have?

Feminism is really up there correcting our priorities.

Anarchy!! Wheeee. Lovely. Why aren’t catcallers allowed to behave however the hell they want?
What? It’s more complicated than you thought? Well, I’ll never.

It isn’t.
Unless you try to participate in the pissing-your-name-in-the-snow competition.
Or are you saying that feminism has the power to abolish all profiling and pre-judgement according to group? I wonder when they’ll start.

Dogs, mice and birds. Tell them that.

Yes, you are. Not as pretty, but just as awesome. The amount of awe: tiny.

By that logic, wouldn’t women need the MRM to become fully human?

Indeed. Ridiculous. They could instead start arguing about men’s reproductive rights. Which don’t exist. As opposed to women’s. Who have extensive reproductive rights. Equality! Feminism’s watchword.

Lefty: There is no rape-culture. SUCCESS. You can stop supporting feminism.

Righty: What did you actually do to “deserve” that?

No, they earn more.

Awwww. An honest one. Not equality or some such bullshit. Just your common or garden egoist. If she needs feminism to get a job her qualifications can’t be that good…

Wait… Women have a clitoris … because of feminism?!? I didn’t know that.

Why not? That’s the normal way expectations work. When almost all members of a group proclaim that they hate doing x the rare member of that group who enjoys doing x and is good in it will surprise people.

Feminism will change the way minds work? Awesome. How will it do that?

Does feminism provide the best psychotherapists? My brain hurts.

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