How will feminism ever fulfill all those expectations?

Occasionally I prefer reading through the “I need feminism” tag on thumblr to doing actual work. So, too, today.

With most statements I wonder: “How is feminism going to achieve that?”

I see two solutions:
– enforce a quota among female authors that no more than, say, 15% of their books are allowed to be on topics that don’t interest boys.
– force boys to read books they don’t give a shit about.

Feminism, a force for a better world, I can see that 🙂


i need feminism because all the media seems to be covering is the fact that taylor swift said “fuck”, and that miley cyrus’s performance was “trashy”. meanwhile, robin thicke, a married father, ground up against miley onstage, and everyone finds it a okay because he’s a man.

Ah, the famous double standard. It is easy for women to get sex. It is hard for men to get sex. It is hard for a woman to get commitment. If sex is scarce, it is one thing she can barter with.
Soooo, what will feminism do to change this situation?
They could try to change women so they don’t want commitment. Good luck with that.
They could try to change men to give commitment without getting anything special in return. That is work-in-action and increasingly failing. So it won’t work before women are convinced enough of its success that stop slutshaming.
They could convince ALL women to give away sex so freely that ALL men get all the sex they want. Bonobo society. Sex is not constrained to relationships and everyone has it with everyone else. Thus relationships would form for entirely different reasons, like people enjoying to talk to each other. Not very many relationships, but you can’t have everything 😉


People don’t know the difference between feminism and misandry

Not all, but many feminists have misandric convictions. Having more of them will convince men that misandry ain’t real?
Is is that supposed to work?


or, to paint the entire picture:


This is a tricky one.
What will feminism do?
Find a way to abolish guilt? No matter what you do, you won’t feel guilty?
Establish at last the ultimate moral canon so that it becomes completely unambiguous what you should be ashamed about and what not? AFAIC that is what some feminists are trying. Quite a simple canon, too: What females do is OK, always. What males do is only OK if a female directly benefits from it. So far no one is adopting these simple rules. I wonder how feminism will force people to do so.
Or… will feminism teach women to take responsibility for their actions and own their feelings? Will feminism educate her that, if she actually feels guilty, at least part of her thinks she did something wrong, too? So, if she doesn’t want to feel guilty she shouldn’t do something she isn’t OK with?
Or will feminism teach her to grow a spine so that she is emotionally capable to defend her own values against those of others?

I don’t think that is the idea of the girl behind the paper.


Oh good, this one is easy. Feminism will see to it that being an annoying bitch is the norm. Then people won’t notice it anymore. And she will be able to express her o p i n i o n s without anyone seeing any difference to all the other women.


The first part is really difficult. How will feminism change the biological hardwiring of what people find sexually atttractive?
Ah, my mistake. She is talking about “beautiful” which is not necessarily the same thing.
But what is considered “beautiful” even though it is not according to nature’s rules (like Youth, the Golden Ratio or Safety/Home)?
Perhaps scarcity helps? So, feminism will make all women always present themselves perfectly made up so that a rare picture of a not-made-up girl will get attention?

I don’t think that would work.

Oh, this is hard.

Given the second part of her sign she seems to say: “I don’t make up because I don’t give a shit about men. And even if I do make up that does not mean that I give more of a shit than before.”
And the complaint apparently is, that men (people?) do not enthusiastically approve not being given a shit about.

Ah, I see. Feminism will brainwash people to like it when someone farts in their general direction. Oh, Utopia 🙂

Will this work both ways?
Oh, the other direction already works.
What do you know…


… My self-worth should NOT be based on my weight, my desirability or my number of sexual partners and society needs to stop telling me it is!

An easy one for a change. Feminism simply needs to explain to her that her self-worth does indeed not need to be based on any of those things. Her worth to others on the other hand may well be.
And that is in fact what society is telling her. Self-worth ≠ worth to others. Simple. Even a young feminist might understand that if older feminists explain it in short words 🙂


Women fear that I’ll hurt them “just because” I’m a man

Oh dear, oh dear, this might be hopeless.
It was feminism who convinced women that you will hurt them just because you’re a man. Women never believed that before feminism.


Tricky. It is dangerous for everyone to travel alone. The dangers for women are slightly different than the dangers for men and feminism makes a biiIIIiigg bruhaha out of the dangers for women.
Also feminism is the mother of the conviction “I should be able to…”
So a feminist may really believe that it is OK to walk half naked through the streets of Kathmandu where any western women has the reputation of a slut anyway.

So, you think an ideology that inflates the assumption of danger you are actually in and actively works on increasing the danger you are in fact in, will help you because… ?


Oh, that’ll be the day…

If feminism ever achieves that I’d be all for it… No sign of it so far.

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