Funny Finding: Men Win Humor Test (by a Hair)

I stumbled across this: Funny Finding: Men Win Humor Test (by a Hair). It’s relevance is related to this one

The setup:

The study team ran two separate but related experiments. The first experiment had 16 undergraduate males and 16 undergraduate females writing captions alone in a quiet room for 20 New Yorker cartoons in 45 minutes, for a total of 640 captions. All were instructed to be as funny as they could be.

In other words: They try to establish how funny men and women are on average

And the result is “men are only slightly more funny than women”. Surprise, surprise.

So humour apparently follows the same distribution as almost everything in “Can men do X better than women?” The answer as usual is “On average hardly or not at all, but among the human beings that are best and worst at X you will find a lot more men than women.”

Just as an example: on this list of the all-time 50 best UK comedians there are 3 women. I would argue that perhaps two or three more (Sara Millican, Jo Brand e.g.) would be justified, but hardly more than that.

What kind of “scientist” does not know that?

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