Equality – All the benefits of men, and then some more

Hearing a feminist speak

‘Can I tell you something that really p––––– me off? It’s that a lot of guys are still uncomfortable with the notion of female equality and the fact that many women have now risen up’

And then she goes on to explain that most of her career is based on the fact that women are treated better than men.
The money quote of the article actually is: ‘In my job, it’s just like being a man – but better’

Equality in the mind of this feminist is: Men giving up all their privileges while women giving up none of theirs.
This is not new at all and still very very stupid.

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  1. Well.. they want compensation for “thousands of millennia of being the big chiefs.” Now I know why the PISA results, where girls are a bit worse in math, but a lot better in reading caused a cry to help the girls. I want to help: “Christiane Amanpour, the homo sapiens has been around for 200,000years, aka, 200 millenias. One thousand is already more than 200. Thousands a lot more.” scnr


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