Why should priests have no wife?

A thought, probably wrong, but who knows…

In the Spearhead today the topic is Paternalism:

Paternalism grows out of the “big man” societies in which there is a top-down system for wealth redistribution. All wealth flows to the chief, and he doles it out to his subjects

I thought: “If I could do that at all I could only do it if I dedicated my whole life to that one task: Being a fair chief.”

As soon as the chief has any other motivations but Being Fair he would fail.
Try being fair with a wife badgering you with her own agenda.

Is that the reason for celibacy? Keep the gossip and the scheming out of the priests life so that he can treat his flock fairly?

Do I need to say it: Of course not all women are scheming and gossiping. But very many are.
If I wanted to build a Good Church I would want all my priests be free of bad influences and not only some.

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  1. The original reason for celibacy was, to my knowledge, money. A priest without woman leaves no children, so the church inherits everything he possesses. Since some priests came from wealthy families, that amounted to a lot.

  2. That sounds even more plausible. Thank you.


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