Values… male? female? human?

Values are the basis of a Moral system. Values are an important navigation point while drifting through life.
I remember from “Practical philosophy 101” (i.e. ‘ethics’) that most humans for a long time now have sought for objective or true values, some claim to have found one or more, but no two humans can agree which.

With this background I just read this:

…the 7 Army values (loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage) …

From an evolutionary standpoint I can easily understand how those values evolve in a group who has to completely rely on each other to survive even the next day. These truly are army values. An army that does not honour these values is a lot less efficient than one that does.

For those who don’t follow: I remember a scene from an old film (‘Captain Horatio Hornblower’ with Gregroy Peck) that pictures a naval fight between a highly disciplined crew on a small ship and a chaotic crew on a superiour ship. Even if that scene should not be historically accurate, it shows quite clearly how loyalty, duty, selfless service and personal courage can decide a battle.

I have never been to the army myself. The prospect of having to kill another person without me having a say in matter at that time, made me choose a different path in life. But somehow I subscribe to all those values (except perhaps the last one, I tend to be somewhat yellow from time to time).

They are deeply ingrained. If I have to search for an explanation I’d say that I played a LOT of soccer when I was young. My big brother taught me those values in the interest of winning the game.

This makes me wonder: Are these values male? What do we have in our societies that would teach those values to girls? What did women have from a evo-psych perspective to teach them these values?

Is it therefore, as most of the time, not only a matter of “teaching” but of “being predisposed”?

I’ll have to chew a bit more on that…

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