Some people do not hear what they themselves are saying

A few quotes from a tumblr

I like them especially under the perspective of the very first quoted sentence.

I’m a vegan and obviously anti-war/genocide/all that bad stuff, but honestly if the law and court system and society don’t give a fuck about mine and my sisters rapists I don’t give a fuck about the law against killing them.

are any of you genuinely attracted to dicks? not men as a whole, and not having sex with men, but like just the dick. idk they’re gross and weird and I only touch it for his benefit.

especially when flaccid like no gross what are you doing there.

On that same note, Nigel Peterson if you so much as LOOK at Beatrice ever again I will fucking strangle you where you stand.

A bullet for every rape accomplice, as well.

look it’s not like i’m saying all men should be slaughtered

if you want to kill yourself before the culling begins that’s perfectly fine too

I feel like breaking up with my boyfriend right now because men are fucking disgusting.

You know, this is how a good and morally superiour person talks and thinks. And yes, I know, “superior” is a comparative, so there should be something “superior to what?”, here.
But I think in her case it’s just general superiourness.

My favourite quote, though, is this:

Ugh I want to do hot things with all the attractive men I see but then I hate men because rape culture and abuse culture
And it really sucks …

You make your own hell.
Life, sometimes, is fair.

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