Victim Blaming in a Nutshell

Judgy Bitch has her moronic – or rather: close-minded – moments, but everything is forgiven for a post like this.

It starts with:

Just after midnight, on New Year’s Day, Paul Morris decided to take a walk along a promenade in Blackpool, UK. How lovely. Moonlight, stars in the sky, the sea black and sparkling. Oh, and GALE FORCE WINDS were blowing. What can possibly go wrong?


Who thinks Mr. Morris was an idiot, who did not DESERVE to die, but who probably ought to have seen that coming, and should have exercised the good sense to either A) not drink so much, or B) stay away from the sea if he WAS going to drink that much? Anybody?

A very, very good metaphor for the arguments about “responsibility” that are dismissed as “victim blaming” by feminists.

Sadly it is very easy for feminists to build a strawman out of “you can’t compare men with the sea”.

To which the answer is “Of course you can, especially from the perspective of the victim as in ‘something stronger than you that you cannot control'” but they won’t see this.


Stupid is as stupid does.

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