“Well-intentioned” is sometimes more important than “astute”

A young feminist tries to “make peace” of sorts on Reddit by admitting that a) not all men have it rosy and b) some feminists seriously fuck up.

But she also says:

I’m not going to apologize for the feminist fuckery that happens- Just as you (if you are male) are not obligated to apologize for the evils your sex commits.

On skimming through the comments nobody seemed to notice the awful fallacy in those words.

Being a feminist is something you deliberately choose. Being a man is something (apart from the small non-cis minority) you do not choose but are born as.

This makes a very important difference.

If I as a man had to apologise for something another man did, so – by the same logic – would she as a human have to apologise for the very same thing that before mentioned human did.

“Feminists” are not the same kind of group or category as “Men”.

If you choose to call yourself a catholic you declare to be a-OK with everything the pope does and says. It’s practically written into their statutes that the pope can not be wrong.

If you choose to call yourself a proud American you state that you are willing to answer for everything that is done in the name of that country, the liberation of Europe in the 40s as well as the demolition of (neutral) Laos in the 60s. The good and the bad.

If you choose to call yourself a feminist you become part of the power base for everything that is done in its name by its most vocal members. Including every single man-hating act and law. Wailing “NAFALT” is not an option. Except after you cleaned up and thoroughly changed your movement.

But despite this grain of stupidity the intention is good and most welcome.

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