Of the Importance of being bell-curved

I am not a statistics expert. I have a layman’s understanding what a Normal Distribution is an of the meanings of “mean” and “standard deviation”.

Even if you do not understand the finer statistical details, a general knowledge of the curve is quite helpful in any gender related discussion.

A quote by Larry Summers:

It does appear that on many many different human attributes – height, weight, propensity for criminality, overall IQ, mathematical ability, scientific ability – there is relatively clear evidence that whatever the difference in means – which can be debated – there is a difference in the standard deviation, and variability of a male and a female population

To put this in graphical terms*:

Men are on aveerage taller than woman, the tallest man is taller than the tallest woman, the smallest man is hardly any taller than the smallest woman.
This looks like so:

The mathematical abilities are perhaps distributed like so:

Physical strength this way:

The important point about this is: Not every man is stronger than any women. They are only on average.

Isn’t this obvious? Why do I write a post about some yadayada-we-all-know-that stuff?

Because I got into a discussion over here about the tale of a woman complaining that a man present at the site of a car accident did not pull a person out of the burning car.
I would claim that the ability to pull a person from a burning car is distributed like this:

I would even concur with this graph:

YOHAMI on the other hand seems to claim that this is a more adequate representation:

The man whom the woman had to berate to pull the guy out of the car was the driver and thus in complete shock, only able to mumble “He won’t get out, he won’t get out.”

The driver is an athlete. So, while his ability to drag a person out of a car under normal circumstances would be about where the green dotted line is, under shock it gets shifted probably to where the red dotted line is.


That of course is a guess, but I think it is valid.

What does that mean? If the woman was of average built she might well have been more able to do the job than the mentally incapacitated man.
The gist of the story to me is that it never even entered her mind that she might be called upon to physically help a fellow man.
I am not sure what the gist is to yohami, since I don’t understand most of his answer.

I am not at war with anyone. I am always willing to let the most capable do the job, not if it is a he or a she. I don’t assume capability according to possession of a penis.


*As you can see there are no absolute numbers on the axes. That is because I want to illustrate a concept, not make definite numerical statements. So please don’t tell me that one of the curves should be 5 pixels more to the left…

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  1. Heya.

    I agree with your graphs and the stats behind them but i think you’re taking Yohami’s comment out of context.

    With regard to the natural expectation that someone do something, it’s expected that masculine actions come from men. We can say this woman should have done it even after all the math and calculations, but she’s a woman.

    Asking the actions to be played out in this situation in a manner where the female behaves in a masculine, take charge, accept risk behavior while saying the man should sit back and allow the woman to perform the task, shoulder the risk, and wait for others to act…

    …is as unnatural as asking men to wear skirts in public and for women to not feel repulsed by it. It simply won’t fly. Can men wear skirts? Yes. Would you want to? I doubt it. Feminists asking for gender equality will tell you that their fight is to make a world where you wouldn’t face ridicule for choosing to wear a skirt, because of some stupid idea that they think men wont wear skirts because they think being a girl is horrible. No, we don’t wear skirts because the laws of nature tell us women are attracted to men, not men pretending to be women. This is why feminism is FAIL from the getgo. It teaches women to pretend to be men.

    Yohami didn’t say women weren’t capable of pulling a man out of a burning car. He said that this task falls disproportionately on men because it’s masculine traits that were adapted to deal with these situations better than feminine ones. And no amount of tip toeing around it will change that fact. We as men should not cease being masculine to counter feminism, and not become like feminists in telling men to adopt a feminine frame like feminists tell females to adopt a masculine one.

    Hope that clears some of the confusion up.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I agree with everything you say. My red pill was swallowed in small portions over the last 7 years, but I think now I have ingested more or less all of it.

      I am completely behind you that your sum-up is correct in general.

      I only disagree in this particular situation. Brent was mentally out of order. He was physically able to help his friend, but not mentally. Shock does that to people. And, giving the description of that woman, this was obvious.
      And in a situation like that my attitude stands: If you need someone to run really fast across dangerous terrain to do something really important (defusing a bomb or whatnot) and the only men in the group has a broken leg, it is no longer up to him to run. It should be done by one of the women. And they should be willing to do so.

      When all men were abroad dying in WWII the women did men’s jobs. And that was right and proper.

      Feminism doesn’t enter this discussion except when you insist that feminism claims that women actually WANT to have that ability and responsibility.

      That the woman in the story did jack shit is just water on your mill. The feminist claim that women are empowered and willing to act on it is crap.


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