Can they do nothing right?

This post is not to be taken entirely seriously. Im am not “just joking” either. “Thinking aloud” more hits the mark.

Did you know that roughly three times more males commit suicide than females? Did you also know that roughly three times more females commit suicide attempts than males?

I can’t believe the maths.

Assuming every male attempt is ‘successful’ (meaning: the bloke is actually dead afterwards) that would indicate that only one in nine female attempts results in the assumedly intended outcome.

That would make females far more incompetent than even the most misogynistic people dare to claim.

Unless there is another explanation.

My recommendation if you should ever be in the position that someone threatens you to take her life: take her word for it. Call in the medics, or the police if you don’t have the number.
Making the threat or an half-arsed attempt is – even for all the possibly true desperation behind it – also an act of aggression and selfishness and deserves to be treated as such.
Take the threat seriously by not handling it yourself. You can’t. It takes special knowledge and experience to help a suicidal person.

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