Moronity is in the details

Dirty and Thirty has a post up in which she is more proud than ashamed of her social media stalking capabilities.

Some interesting details:
If you read Heartiste and ever wondered if his concept of ‘preselection’ is valid, Luchana, the author, has this nugget for you

I have gone out with guys I wouldn’t have necessarily gone out with just because, after my extensive research routine, I found out their ex-girlfriends were really really pretty. (Ok, so maybe I’m a sociopath) I have, however, also NOT gone out with guys because I’ve discovered their ex-girlfriends, and I’m not up to date on my tetanus and hepatitis vaccines.

Isn’t it interesting that showing this apparently completely average behaviour lets her doubt the sanity of her actions?

At the end she says:

The bottom line is, I am a woman. (A Latin woman, which makes me 11% crazier than a regular woman, but I restrict my crazy to the Internet.)

I wonder what she thinks the last bit “restrict it to the internet” means. Is dating part of “the internet”? Her ‘crazy’ stalking has immediate effects on her social life. How is that restricted to the internet? This is one hamster that is too active for me.
What a lovely excuse for everything, though. “I don’t have to work on myself. I am <arbitrary fact> so I am entitled to do wrong.”

The best bit:

The good news is I will always use my powers for good. Not evil.

This summons up practically every use of “good and evil” these days. You could paraphrase it with “I will always use my powers in my own interests. Not against them.”
Oh dear.

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