Nonsequitur, second nature to feminists?

Have a look at this page. You wont need to read more than three or four paragraphs to get the gist.

I am still struggling with the insanity of it. The Balzac quote she rages about is “Es ist immerhin noch leichter, sich mit Männern herumzuschlagen, als mit seiner eigenen Frau Krieg zu führen.” which translates to

It is easier to struggle with men that to wage war against your own wife.

And her immediate reaction is “What kind of character trait is required before one can eliminate all educational opportunites for a group, and then turn around and laugh at that group because they have no education?”


From “Respect your wife because you can’t win a war against her” to “Assholes laugh about women they oppress.”

This ist not a satirical site, i checked.

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