A short thought about growing up

It occured to me that a lot of people today can’t see that responsibility for their actions and learning and following rules is essential to growing up.

Practically all the new laws regarding rape are proof to that: the victim is always only a victim. She can not be expected to have done anything to prevent what she experienced as rape. It is claimed that it is not possible to prevent any kind of rape.

But that is just an example, not-growing-up is everywhere.

Just have a look at any drama or catastrophe or shooting or whatever: the default reaction is “What do you mean: life isn’t safe? I have a right to be safe. Nothing must happen to me! If something does happen to me someone else must have f*cked up!!”
I have the impression (though I currently can’t be asked to dig for proof) that this frame of mind (“I am entitled to x”, x being “safe”, “loved”, “entertained”, “listened to”, “pampered” etc) is predominantly found in females.
And then it’s the same females that complain about men not growing up. Since it is a given that they themselves are never responsible for anything bad happening, my guess is that a) the situation won’t change in a hurry and b) they get the partner-offers they deserve.

Sometimes life is fair.
How nice.

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