In Sweden, this is rape

"Good morning

Good morning, my love *

At least, if it the roles were reversed.

See here:

25 September 2010. Teenage couple breaks up

Joakim, 18, spends an evening at his computer. He is in his boy’s room in his mother’s four room apartment. As usual he has spent some time with his girlfriend. She often stays over at his place as she has a lot of conflicts with her parents. The pair has sex practically every time they meet, oral as well as vaginal, which is no secret to the mother as the flat is not very sound proof. Sweden is still quite tolerant in these matters: Young people can have sex at home. The girlfriend herself says that they have a good relationship and that they like each other. They watch movies, meet friends and make trips on his moped. This evening she goes to bed while Joakim stays at his computer.

Before he goes to bed, he gets horny and wants to poke some fun at his sleeping girlfriend. He swings his penis in the air in front of her face and let’s it caress her between the lips to wake her up. She does, but dizzy with sleep she asks what he is doing, pushes him away, turns over and falls to sleep again.

Next day the girlfriend is picked up by her mother who brings her shopping for a journey she actually doesn’t want to make: Going to Finland with her parents on September 27 – 29. She would rather have stayed with Joakim. He calls her 2-3 times every day from his mother’s phone on her Finland tour to keep the girlfriend’s spirits up. When she returns from Finland she spends the night with him and they have sex as always.

On Saturday October 2, Joakim had to see his grandparents. He had promised to call his girlfriend the minute he returned home. He did not however, thinking it was too late. She is disappointed and wakes him up by a call the following morning and complains. The quarrel ends by Joakim saying that she has 24 hours to decide whether to continue seeing him. She says she does not want to stay together. Joakim returns her belongings.

5 April 2011,

Joakim sentenced to prison for rape The sentence against Joakim, 18, is passed for the events on September 25, 2010. He gets four months’ imprisonment for rape and is convicted of paying damages to his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend considered Joakim being the one breaking up although he only took her at her word and handed back her belongings.

The subsequent day she met her social worker to talk about her problems with her parents that she so far had been able to flee from to Joakim. She wondered what would happen if she would now report that Joakim one week earlier had woken her up with his penis between her lips. The social worker checked with the Police who said that in legal terms it could be a crime. The girl then reported her former boyfriend Joakim to them and asked for large damages. A chat conversation had been saved and used as evidence in court: “i put my cock in ur mouth once for 3 sec when u slept (…) did i force u to have it? it dont count as trying rape, just if i had continued, i stopped at once, i fucking tested it one time”

Three seconds of bodily touching between two persons in a relationship who normally have sex – including oral – every time they meet is however regarded as a serious crime in Sweden. It does not matter that they after this incident had sex as usual as soon as they were reunited after her trip to Finland. In the judgment one can read:

“Through the information it is proven that Joakim NNN at the time has put his erect penis in A’s mouth through improperly exploiting that she due to sleep was in a helpless state. The district court also finds that there has been a question of a sexual act that with with regard to the nature of the violation and the circumstances in general, is comparable to sexual intercourse. Joakim NNN is therefore guilty of rape (…) Rape according to Chapter 6, Article 1, second paragraph of the Penal Code carries a penalty of imprisonment for at least two years and a maximum of six years. If the offense under the circumstances is to be regarded as less serious, the sentence (…) is imprisonment not exceeding four years. If, in view of the circumstances , the crime is considered less aggravated, a sentence to imprisonment for at most four years shall, according the third paragraph, be imposed. (…) In this case, it has been the case of a short-term events. Joakim NNN has suspended his act as soon as A woke up and made it clear to him that she did not accept his actions. No violence or threat has been present. The District Court therefore finds that Joakim NNN shall be sentenced for rape under Chapter 6, Article 1, third paragraph of the Penal Code.”

If the proposal from the Center Party (c) in the Parliament on March 2, 2005, had won, 18-year-old Joakim would have been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for his three-second contact between his and his girlfriend’s bodies that he immediately interrupted when she woke up, pushed him away and turned over to sleep again. If the current development of Justice policy proceeds it could very well be that ordinary bedroom behavior between two partners can lead to two years’ imprisonment. The ex-girlfriend demanded that Joakim pay 75,000 SEK (10,440 USD) in damages for the violation and 10,000 SEK (1,400 USD) for pain and suffering. The judge lowered this to 25,000 SEK (3,480 USD) and 5,000 SEK (700 USD) respectively. In the publicly available judgment the name, personal registration number, and address of the sentenced perpetrator Joakim is obviously written out. There is however no information whatsoever about the girlfriend, since her name is classified as secret, as always in rape cases in Sweden. We cannot even know her age. Due to her school situation (High School) she should be between 16 and 18. Age is not a case. She was in no way underage since the age of consent is 15 in Sweden.”

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Belief in the Devil

I just read this:

Mass movements may well start and flourish without a belief in God. But never without a belief in the Devil.


These are more or less arbitrary hits on the first Google page of “men are evil”.

Nonsequitur, second nature to feminists?

Have a look at this page. You wont need to read more than three or four paragraphs to get the gist.

I am still struggling with the insanity of it. The Balzac quote she rages about is “Es ist immerhin noch leichter, sich mit Männern herumzuschlagen, als mit seiner eigenen Frau Krieg zu führen.” which translates to

It is easier to struggle with men that to wage war against your own wife.

And her immediate reaction is “What kind of character trait is required before one can eliminate all educational opportunites for a group, and then turn around and laugh at that group because they have no education?”


From “Respect your wife because you can’t win a war against her” to “Assholes laugh about women they oppress.”

This ist not a satirical site, i checked.

A short thought about growing up

It occured to me that a lot of people today can’t see that responsibility for their actions and learning and following rules is essential to growing up.

Practically all the new laws regarding rape are proof to that: the victim is always only a victim. She can not be expected to have done anything to prevent what she experienced as rape. It is claimed that it is not possible to prevent any kind of rape.

But that is just an example, not-growing-up is everywhere.

Just have a look at any drama or catastrophe or shooting or whatever: the default reaction is “What do you mean: life isn’t safe? I have a right to be safe. Nothing must happen to me! If something does happen to me someone else must have f*cked up!!”
I have the impression (though I currently can’t be asked to dig for proof) that this frame of mind (“I am entitled to x”, x being “safe”, “loved”, “entertained”, “listened to”, “pampered” etc) is predominantly found in females.
And then it’s the same females that complain about men not growing up. Since it is a given that they themselves are never responsible for anything bad happening, my guess is that a) the situation won’t change in a hurry and b) they get the partner-offers they deserve.

Sometimes life is fair.
How nice.