oppression? ranting a little

After following a link to the Unknown History of Misandry today I have a pessimistic turn.
Things won’t get better.
Feminism won’t go away.
There are not enough red pills in the world to make MRM’s voice loud enough.

It was difficult enough to overcome McCarthy. And he was basically only one idiot bloke that exploited a fear based in U.S. culture. Feminism hooks into a genetically based fear, the fear of human male for his female.

It’s an automatic response:
“A female is threatened.” – “Oh, we better do something about it then”
Thoughts like “Really? How? Are you sure? Isn’t she just a bit hysterical?” come later or not at all for your average male.

Unknown History of Misandry documents that the problems MRM is concerned about are not new to the last 30 years but reach back at least as far as the suffrage movement.

Unfair custody, believed false allegations, all the rackets of today are a hundred years old and men are no nearer in overcoming them. If anything, we are farther away.

Because a hundred years ago it was only the case of some women knowing how to play man’s protective instincts. As soon as judge and/or jury was female their spiel collapsed.

Judge Rhea M Whitehead is quoted (1921):

A husband is going to get a square deal in my court. Too many men are convicted on sobby tales of wives

These days are gone. Today it is a rare woman that wasn’t indoctrinated with (or has overcome) the tale of the violent man and the innocent girl.

So what to do?

Recognize our own stupidity and keep working for a fairer world. What else?

And hope that this time the world’s way to deal with unstable societies (collapse, destroy, restart) can be averted.

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