Communicating physically with children

Jezebel has this article today. While I am not righteous enough to read the entire thing, the topic as such is interesting.

I always found a push or a slap to be a highly efficient and effective way of communication. There is no better way to bring the message “You’ve just crossed a border” across.

I was slapped by my parents perhaps a dozen times, perhaps fewer. I can remember only one time when I could not see the justification. I did get the message “I just need you to behave right now”, though.

I am not talking about mutilating beating here. But slaps. Occasional ones. What is vile about them?

Sorry for my simpleton-like asking, the answer must be obvious, otherwise there would be no laws against slapping, would there? I just must have missed that part of the discussion where the evilness of physical communication was explained.


I wonder if this is related to the current trend to assume that a man hugging a child must be a pedophile.

Is all male physicality bad unless a female has given her written consent to endure experience it?

But then why is it bad when a woman slaps her child?

Probably because all violence is inherently male and when a female shows violent behaviour it is only the patriarchy acting through her. Or some such thing.

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