Misandry in action

I just came across this thing:

At first glance it is the usual “By not being religious I am holier than thou” twoddle.*

Until you notice the “especially”.

What does that mean? That she is only really against abuse when women and children are the victims? Abuse against men is sort of OK but don’t quote me on it? Or do quote me on it, because men are second rate human beings after all, but saying that is not racism, right? So I am still good and morally superiour, right?

Oh dear, it hurts when people pwn themselves.


*It is a another thing that  the image misses the entire point of the religious/atheist dichotomy. Being an atheist does not make you a good person. Being a good person makes you a good person. Being a good person has nothing to do with being religious or being an atheist.

The exact meaning of “good” in that paragraph observes a lot of deeper looks at a later time. You think it’s obvious? It isn’t.



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