Is atheism a religion?

Interesting question.

Atheism is more or less organized and it has an unprovable belief regarding gods (“he/she/it/they don’t exist”).

And ‘a name that people who share a belief flock under to split the world into “We” and “The Others”.’ is as good an informal definition of “religion” as I care to bring up at the moment.

Why do I say that “There is no god” is a belief and not fact?

Let’s for the sake of the argument assume that “god” means nothing more than “The driving intelligent force or entity that created the world”. If we can agree that “create” indicates something causal, god – if it exists – must have existed “before” and/or “outside” of our world. Right?

As far as I know it is impossible for science to make any statement about anything that is not “inside” of our world. At this point what science knows about Time starts not even at zero but a zillionth of a second after zero. And we know nothing about the spatial borders of the universe because they are too far away and moving away too fast. Right?

From these two follows that it is impossible to prove either “There is a god” or “There is no god”.

This discussion is futile anyway. Neither can Christianity be reduced to the belief “There is A god” nor does atheism have nothing more to say than “There is no god of any kind”.

Rather the one group says “There is a specific god as described in the Bible (as incoherent and contradictory as that description may be)” while the other mainly says “It is preposterous to believe in a Holy Book”.

So there are two things to explore: How do you get from “I believe there is a god” to believing in the Bible without losing the grip on your rationality? And where does the Humanity that most atheists subscribe to enter the picture? Does that have a scientific base (as atheists claim that all of their worldview has) or is Humanism just another unprovable conviction of Right and Wrong?

We will see. Or not.